I have had the busiest week! Lot’s of things to organise and lots of surprises, almost all of them good. As I am on a mission to improve my life and not suck at everything at the minute, I began my week by trying to eat healthily and fix my terrible sleeping pattern. Apparently these things up your energy?! It started well and I was feeling pretty good by the time by Thursday night kickboxing class rolled around. I was partnered with my cousin as we are at similar skill levels however there is a significant height difference between us! She is graduating next week and so requested that I avoid giving her any bruises so her photos weren’t ruined… fair enough! I hated my graduation photos so I didn’t want her feeling the same about hers. Then the end of the class rolled around and we were doing these spinny kick things and it all went wrong. We were both tired and frustrated as we were finding the kicks hard to do, when I turned and kicked, missed the pad and caught her hand. I ended up breaking her little finger! It all happened so quickly and I felt awful about it.

So that was the first unexpected event of the week. Then came the weekend. Me and my sister agreed to dog-sit for my Aunt and Uncle for 2 weeks while they went away, which I don’t mind doing because I get a house to myself and a focus for the week so I don’t get lazy. It’s now Sunday and the dog is still alive so I am optimistic about how I have done so far. We haven’t seen two out of three of their cats though so I am trying not to worry too much about that, cats roam free right?!

On Saturday my Mum had asked if me and Rosie (the twin) would like to have lunch with her. We agreed, and after a lot of grumbling at my boyfriend for taking his time getting ready, we made it to her house. And she wasn’t there. I figured she might be at a meeting at work so we decided to wait around while my boyfriend moaned about ‘rushing around for nothing’. He had a point, I just REALLY hate being late. After an hour, there was a knock at the door, which I answered and got the surprise of my life. My best friend who had been living in New Zealand for 9 months was standing on my doorstep. She told me she wasn’t back for another two weeks so I was completely bowled over and a lot of crying ensued! We spent the day chilling out and eating junk food and had a gossip, it was perfect. I haven’t ever really been surprised before so I am glad I reacted well and didn’t freeze up.

Now we have Sunday. Last night I saw an ad for a contest for aspiring actors. It was for ABC in America, and they wanted you to send in a recording of a script for judging and if you win, you get a deal with them. It had been up for weeks and was open to UK residents but the closing date was today at midnight and I panicked because I knew I HAD to enter it. So today I have been learning lines and desperately trying to pull together a well-performed scene to send off to them. It is being uploaded as we speak. I wish I had seen it earlier as I don’t think it’s my best work, but I think I did an okay job in the end. I bet thousands of people enter so if I am not expecting to be shortlisted but I would be dumb not to try. Imagine what a surprise that would be!!

I also got a call from a lady asking me to audition for a play in my local area, I am just not sure if I have the time. But if I say no, I will never know what other opportunities could have come from it.

I’m feeling pretty positive about next week. Hopefully I can get back on the good food wagon that I so often slip off!

Until then,


P.S. Here is a photo of my friend surprising me. Please ignore the Gryffindor jacket, I promise I am 25.



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