I suck at planning

It’s Monday today which can only mean it’s time for a fresh start. Every Monday begins with a healthy breakfast, because I have almost definitely eaten nothing but junk food over the weekend, and an early shift at work because my boss hates me. This is the routine, and today was no different. Well, that’s sort of a lie, I am feeling slightly more motivated today seeing as I did a stupid thing and got on the scales last night. Stupid Evie. I had a mini heart attack and vowed that today I would change my life, and to be fair to myself, I have eaten three healthy meals today so I haven’t let myself down. But seeing as I had a plan for today that involved at least 3 things I DIDN’T do, I can’t pat myself on the back too hard. The food was the top priority and I stuck to that but the rest of my life alterations went out the window.

This happens to me quite a lot. I make a wonderful plan for my week on a Sunday and I never ever stick to it. Now, I know what you are thinking; she isn’t setting realistic goals, she needs to have smaller lists, she needs to spend less time planning and more time doing, and I promise you I am trying! Today, for example, I was supposed to go online and find a headshot photographer to update my acting headshots. so I can sort out my acting portfolio. Have I done that? Nope. That is literally the easiest thing to do! Just sit down on my bed and look online, which is basically all I do anyway, and I haven’t managed it. If I couldn’t do that it is no wonder I didn’t go for a walk, I had even considered a run if I was feeling adventurous! Ha! I should have known.

Not to worry though, I seem to have saved myself too much self-loathing because I have managed to go to the shops and buy fruit (again with the food successes), and have washed my hair. Washing my hair shouldn’t really be part of my goals for the day, but my hair is crazy thick and washing it is a chore, so I am going to count it! Of course, I have also written this blog post that you are reading so let’s add that off my to-do list as well. See, I just need to be an optimist. An optimistic blogger with clean hair and a fridge full of fruit. What an achievement. Saturday Evie would have cake to celebrate but unfortunately for me, this is Monday Evie, and Monday Evie NEVER has cake. I’m not the biggest fan of her but she is the kind of person I want to be every day of the week so I best start liking her.

So anyway, now I have turned my plan upside down I am going to read over all the things I am going to do tomorrow (maybe). Swimming will almost definitely be one of them, I am going with a friend so it is much harder to get out of. The last time I went swimming was a total disaster but that’s a story for another time.

Until then,



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