My first headteacher

This is a bit of a random one, but seeing as it has taken up most of my day I thought I would write it down.
You may have previously read on my blog that last month was my birthday. I turned 25 and the nicest thing that I received was a card from my very first headmaster. My favourite school was primary school, no one has an ego at that age and they don’t see any differences past ‘my favourite colour is yellow and yours is blue’. But by far my favourite thing about that school was my headmaster, Mr Mackenzie. He was always so happy and treated the children as individuals who all deserved attention and appreciation, regardless of what they succeeded or struggled with. He made sure kids could be kids, and would let us have fun in whatever it was we were doing, whether it was teaching us to dance or pushing us around in a wheelbarrow in gardening club. Everyone who went to that school agreed he was one of a kind. In fact, I liked him so much that one time I asked him if he could be my second Dad, not caring that my Mum was stood right beside me. Mum wasn’t all that impressed!!

Well, my Mum works in a home for the Elderly and she recently bumped into him as he was visiting one of the residents. He recognised her and they chatted about me and my twin Rosie and all the memories from first school. She mentioned it was our 25th coming up and he said he often spoke of us to others and he couldn’t believe we were 25 already!
Jump ahead two weeks and my Mum arrives at work to find a card pinned to the notice board addressed to me and Rose. She brought it home to us and we opened it to find a lovely message from none other than Mr Mackenzie. We both cried, it was the loveliest thing to think that a man who had such an impact on our lives had taken the time out of his day to send us a birthday card, especially as he has taught so many children during his career. It made our birthday so special and it is something we will keep forever.

We decided we should write a letter back, so that is what we have been doing all day. It has taken 4 drafts and lot’s of frustration to try and write down how grateful we are to a man who we haven’t seen in almost 16 years! I think we managed to get the point across without sounding too mushy so I am happy. I really hope he realises how important he was at that school, he was the backbone that held it up and everyone’s favourite teacher.

Being a teacher nowadays is hard, with little pay and too much work but I guess when you sit back and think about the changes you are making to the lives of young people it is worth it. I’m sure there are a lot of teachers like Mr Mackenzie and a lot of grateful children like us.

Thank you for letting me get this down, it’s been a good day.





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