Am I too old for this?

Something happened recently and I’m not sure how I feel about it. My Mum had pulled up outside the house and I was sat in bed with my window open listening to a conversation she was having with this random passerby (as Mothers do). The woman had just been to Florida on holiday and was talking about what an amazing time she had had out there and how Mum should definitely¬†go.

I wasn’t really listening to most of it, but my ears pricked up when my Mum mentioned me and my sister. It went something like this:

Mum: I have wanted to go to America for ages with my girls but never got round to it.
Woman: Oh you have daughters?! I bet they would love it.
Mum: Yes, twins and they both are big Harry Potter fans so would love Universal Studios.
Woman: Oh, are your twins the two who wear all the Harry Potter clothes?!

Oh god. The ones who wear the Harry Potter clothes. How embarrassing. I’m 25 years old and if I died tomorrow that would be my legacy, my fangirliness. It’s not as though I haven’t realised that I wear a lot of Gryffindor clothes, I only own 3 jackets and all of them have ‘Hogwarts’ or ‘Gryffindor’ stamped across them somewhere but I had convinced myself that they were subtle enough that not everyone will notice. Upon further reflection, I think I have been deluding myself (picture down below).

So the question is, how do I feel about it. Is it time to stop? Am I becoming insane? Am I too old and no one has the heart to tell me? All valid questions that I have been casually bringing up to people in the hopes they will tell me that my fashion sense is cool. My boss was one of these people and he told me very firmly to continue to dress in my ‘house’ clothes as it makes me unique and shows my personality. I mean, he is in his 50’s and constantly tells me I am a Slytherin, so I am not sure I can trust his opinion. To be honest, at this point in my life I think I can get away with showing house pride and people will still find it endearing, but to what end? When I have kids I can hardly parade them around in Hogwarts clothes and pretend we are the Weasley’s can I?! (I am secretly enjoying envisioning this scenario).

Then again, being a ‘nerd’ is in right now, with everyone running about in Star Wars t-shirts and cult film references tattooed all over them. My generation are becoming advocates for being yourself and liking what you want, regardless of what anyone says, so maybe this is my tiny way of rebelling against the norm. I don’t have any other little quirks to my personality so perhaps this will have to do.

It’s Harry Potter anyway. Everyone loves it so I’m hardly alone on this fangirl bandwagon. I could be their leader in this little town. It’s a fandom that tends to stick around rather than be a passing thing, like Twilight for example. (Sorry to any Twihards out there).

If I am still wearing this get-up when I am 40, I will let you know.

Until then,




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