That was shitty of me.

I went out at the weekend with my friends. Before the pub, I went out for a meal with my boyfriend to celebrate his promotion at work and then we met up with our other friends to carry on drinking. I was having a really nice time with them and was super excited to tell them the gossip I had been storing up all week for them, and when I got there, there was a new girl sat with us.
She seemed really nice and I had a quick chat to her and introduced myself. But after that, I started telling the girls my gossip and this new girl started playing on her phone. I think she was feeling left out because she didn’t know who we were talking about and my story took up a good chunk of the evening.
The problem was that I could see that she was bored and did nothing to help, I just carried on entertaining my friends and being, let’s face it, an attention seeker and blocked her out.

Why do I do that?

I think if I have to pick a fault of mine, I’m probably a bit of a narcissist. I tend to get wrapped up in my own little world and don’t always give other people the attention they deserve because I set my problems up on a pedestal. I don’t do this all the time, and as bad as I am making myself sound, I swear I do listen to others when they need it, but when I get too involved in my own head, I stay there. I like to make people laugh and be the class clown, and everyone who knows me well enough like that about me, but then I meet someone new who doesn’t ‘get’ me yet and they just think I’m a pain in the arse.

I am hoping to meet this girl again at some point and make amends. I messaged the girl who invited her to apologise so she will hopefully tell her friend that I’m not an insane person.

I would say that I’m sorry for the rant on this blog, but I do it too often to be a one-off!
Maybe you can relate to my rambling!




Harry freaking Potter

I have to write about this because I am so excited!!!!

Today I booked a day out to go to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. Basically my favourite place on the planet. Harry Potter heaven. I go in a week and a half and I can’t wait. I have been there twice before but my boyfriend has never been so I am taking him. He doesn’t know what is about to hit him.

The first time I went I spent hundreds of pounds in the store. I bought everything that I desperately wanted. It was a bit excessive but I wasn’t sure how long it would be there and if I would go again so I just went with all my savings and I have never regretted it. I bought a robe and a wand and videos of me riding a broomstick (because I HAD to) to start off with.  The woman at the checkout must have thought I was insane. They have added a few new bits like the forbidden forest that I haven’t seen so I am looking forward to that.

After my first trip there, my friend and I had booked a ‘best friends’ photo shoot thing for her birthday and we had to take outfits. Naturally, we asked if we could put our robes on and get out the wands. The photographer was so happy that we were mixing it up, the pictures turned out really good (see below).

I’m not sure what I’m going to buy this time, I already have 3 Gryffindor jackets, so I feel like adding a fourth would be excessive… maybe I will buy another wand?!
After my trip I will write about it, I may even do a bit of filming if people are interested? I will have to try and fit watching the 8 films into my evenings next week to prepare myself!

Anyway, this was a bit rambly so I will just end it. There is only so much I can go on about Harry Potter before it becomes annoying!

Until next time,



The coolest 20 year old.

Taking risks.

I have worked in retail for the past 7 years. It started off with part time work in an off license and then I moved on to a cinema, a pub and now a convenience store. I am training to be an assistant manager at my current job and I seem to be heading in the direction of retail management in the future. This was never the path that I intended to take and it all feels like it isn’t the path I am supposed to be on. I have wanted to work in the entertainment industry for as long as I can remember. Acting is my passion and I love everything to do with the TV and Film industry and would to move my career in that direction.

However, humans stick to what they know and I am no different. I am good at retail but only because I have experience in it and now I am too afraid to move on to anything else because I won’t know what I am doing. How long am I going to be doing this for? I keep thinking that this isn’t going to be my life, but I am not really making any progress in changing jobs, and at 25 I could really do with starting to pick a career path.

I was talking to my friend today about ‘idea people’. People who are full of great ideas and dreams but don’t do anything to pursue them for fear of failure or just plain laziness. I feel secure in my job and feel like I have prospects, so I am doing the sensible thing and sticking at it even if it isn’t my dream. Am I just being lazy? Or am I just afraid? I think maybe it’s a mix of both. My goals are so risky that at least if I don’t start working toward them I don’t have to face the obstacles that will come with them. Getting myself out of that mind frame is quite possibly going to be the biggest challenge.

I need to be someone that you don’t bet against. A person that does the things that I say I am going to do regardless of difficulty. I find it frustrating when people complain about their life and do nothing to change it, although I am doing the exact thing that annoys me so much. I guess I’m a hypocrite. Some people are hypocrites and don’t even realise it, so I guess I can optimistically cling to that! Maybe that is the first step in my progress. Acknowledgement…

Today I have given myself 2 tasks. I had 3, but my Mum surprised me last night by organising my bedroom when I was on a long shift at work, so I can tick that off the list!
I am going to get the other 2 things done today as soon as this is posted so I feel like I have had a productive day off and not just moped and watched TV like usual!

I best be off while I am still determined!